Pre-Shoot Checklist - Robert Baganz Photography

Pre-Shoot Checklist

A good looking house takes a lot of work but it’s necessary for great photographs. Every little detail makes a difference in a photograph. It's not economical to spend time using Photoshop to eliminate damages or clutter so it’s a good idea to take care of problems before I arrive. Please use my Top Ten Things To Do or download the comprehensive PDF at the bottom of the page to get started. 

Top Ten Things To Do

- Clean all floors, rugs, carpets, counter tops and windows

- Replace all burned out light bulbs and use bulbs of the same kind (do not mix    incandescent with fluorescent)

- Make beds

- Put all personal objects away or out of view

- Remove dirty dishes from view

- Remove pet food bowls, water bowls, toys and beds from view

- Turn off all computer screens and TVs

- Turn on all lights

- Open all window blinds and curtains

- Remove all personal and family photos

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